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16-Nov-2016 11:05

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They all pointed out the article’s mistake and some said that they were your age and your height. Pressing a quick peck to your cheek, Thomas bent down to look you in the eyes. “You know what,” he stated, “I think your height is cute.” You replied, “And that’s all that matters?

To get the behind-the-scenes scoop on the making of the film, we chatted with Blake Cooper, who plays Chuck, Aml Ameen, who plays Alby, Jacob Latimore, who plays Jeff, and the author of the series James Dashner.

Among other things, Sangster takes part in a (child's) sword fight in the film.

Sangster next starred in the commercially successful film Nanny Mc Phee, as the eldest of seven children.

” You smiled to the camera, opening up the video with your regular introduction.

“Today, I am joined by my lovely, wonderful, all of the above, boyfriend, Thomas,” you gestured over to him as he smiled and waved to the camera. “Okay, so, a lot of people were requesting that we do a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag, and while that sounds fun as it is, we wanted to make it super fun for you guys! “So, I’ve picked out a ton of makeup from the cheap store, and Thomas is going to put it on me, clearly not knowing what any of it is.” You explained, laughing in the process."We have the bag of makeup he-oops,” Thomas chuckled as he clumsily dropped the bag “We have the makeup here, and I am going to begin,” He explained, zipping open the bag.“I have no clue what any of this does,” He muttered to himself, earning a laugh from you.“Okay, let’s start with this,” He pulled out a tube of lipstick, instantly, you wanted to shake your head and scream, foundation goes first!

He laughed too, realising what he did was totally wrong, but he didn’t mind, you couldn’t change it now. You watched as Thomas intently concentrated on putting the concealer on your lips.“This isn’t right,” he muttered. “Your lips are too pale, this looks silly,” He scratched his head, clearly confused by the situation.“Oh well,” he shrugged, placing the item back in the bag and pulling out another.— Around fifteen more minutes passed, and you were looking more monstrous than you could ever imagine.

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Click through, then let us know which facts you love the most. "Dylan and Thomas were doing a scene and they’re sitting on a log next to each other and on one of the takes they made a bet to see if they could kiss each other on camera," Blake tells us.

Thomas was a little confused as to why the interviewer was acting a bit weird to him. “Someone took a picture of me and my girlfriend.” The interviewer rose an eyebrow. I thought you didn’t have one.” “We wanted to keep our relationship a secret.

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