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Several kinds of contributions are very welcome: If you think this project is great, you would like to help, but you don't know how - you can become project's stargazer. Visit this link if you would like to learn more about how notifications and stars works on Github.

If you've found a bug or you've came-up with some fantastic feature which can make Webcam Capture a better API to use, don't hesitate to create new issue where you can describe in details what the problem is, or what would you like to improve.

Now they once again find themselves trapped alongside a collection of creatures straight out of hell.

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But even if every device that was used in the attack was recalled, the threat will still exist – technologists have repeatedly warned about insecure and unsafe internet of things devices, and people are likely to continue making them.We customized the WSS For Kiosks software to work on a local network with Android-based tablets.The tablets acted as POS (Point of Sale) devices that would allow shoppers to choose items to ‘try on’.You might well have been responsible for one of the biggest-ever attacks on the internet last week. A huge network of webcams and other internet of things devices is being built that can be used as perhaps the biggest cyberweapon ever created.

And those people who own the devices probably don’t even know that they’re infected with the malicious code that allows them to be used that way.

Since Webcam Capture use some part of native code, it's very hard to cover all supported operating systems.