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29-Jul-2016 10:10

Talks are just getting started about possible options for controlling or reducing the urban deer population in Ann Arbor.

But whatever method is used — lethal or non-lethal — it's likely going to require coordination with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Besides being a musician of the highest caliber, Falcone was a man of great courage and integrity.

Despite the protests of many people in Ann Arbor at the time, he admitted African-Americans and women into the band.

Some local startups predate the ongoing tech-sparked comeback of Detroit, but they are keeping a close eye on the city and figuring out if they can join in.

“Today Detroit is resurging and, hallelujah, I love that — but we started before that happened,” says Jen Baird, CEO of Accio Energy, which is developing a low-cost modular design for generating wind power.

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Each of these perfumes contains an incense signature built around frankincense, which honors the role of incense as the first perfume in the history of aromatics.Robert Campbell soon took notice of the outstanding musical and leadership abilities of Nicholas Falcone who at the time was the conductor of the University freshman Reserve Band.In 1927, Campbell arranged to have Falcone appointed as the conductor of the University of Michigan Band.oday there are about 100 technology startups in Detroit, most of them just a few years old.

Supported by a billion-dollar-plus makeover that’s largely privately funded, the city is welcoming startups in the hopes they will help grow and sustain real economic development.

Tim Payne, the Southeast Michigan regional wildlife manager for the DNR's Wildlife Division, said this week he hasn't been contacted by city officials yet, but he looks forward to hearing the city's concerns and helping to assess the situation.