Potassium dating accuracy

25-Jan-2017 17:10

In a paper published this week in Science, geochemist Roland Mundil of the Berkeley Geochronology Center (BGC) and his colleagues at BGC and UC Berkeley report that uranium/lead (U/Pb) dating can be extremely accurate - to within 250,000 years - but only if the zircons from volcanic ash used in the analysis are specially treated.

To date, zircons - known to many as a semiprecious stone and December's birthstone - have often produced confusing and inaccurate results.

However, it wasn't until the mid 20th century that scientists could abandon this pathetic, inaccurate process and move into a more acceptable precise and detailed procedure.

The old way was done by comparing one fossil to other fossils found in the same layer of the earth's ground and studying the physical characteristics of the fossil.

Renne ascribes this to a lack of a precise measurement of the decay constant of potassium.

Before there were any true scientific dating methods, scientists depended on their past archives of fossils and strata in order to determine how old a newly found fossil was.

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Relative Dating determines the age of a fossil in relation to other fossils but doesn't give a definite, precise time; the kind of dating used before the discovery of chronometric dating.

Scientists compared one fossil to another and tried to decide if that fossil was from the same time period as the original.

Absolute Dating, also referred to as Chronometric Dating and Radiometric Dating, is far more accurate.

Dissolve & dilute in sufficient 0.005M HRecord the spectrum of a 0.02% v/v solution of toluene in hexane in the range of 260 nm to 420 nm (before use check the hexane for transmittance, using water as a blank between 260nm to 420nm & use only if transmittance is not less than 97%).

Ankur Choudhary is India's first professional pharmaceutical blogger, author and founder of Pharmaceutical Guidelines, a widely-read pharmaceutical blog since 2008.There is a basic pattern that occurs in the decay of radioactive substances.

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