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Mary Hart co-hosted a show Dannysday with Danny Williams in 1976.

She moved to the Los Angeles neighborhood of Westwood in 1979 after she determined to leave journalism.

She landed a small role on the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Mary Hart co-hosted the Los Angeles version of syndicated PM Magazine.2016, Oleg Larin, The Impasse of Light, Independent Film, Angela 2016, Kevin Gallo, Live Tonight! Childs 2015, Timothy Gaer, Hollow, Nine Ten Studios, Susan 2014, Assaf Mor, The Very Scientific System, Jetlag Productions, Coco 2014, Kshitij Bal, Waiting in Wasteland, Independent Film, Thalia 2014, Oleg Larin, Old Pipes, Independent Film, Persephone 2014, Marjorie Conrad, Chemical Cut, July Fifth, Shopper with Dog 2014, Jay Weneta, Leftovers, Independent Film, Mdme.